• Have you been struggling with how to incorporate a true value added service that will enhance your client experience and increase your listings on a regular basis?

  • Are you confused about how to distinguish yourself from other listing agents?

  • Have you ever felt frustrated that you are not able to bring your newest listing to market faster?

  • Are you sick of being the jack of all trades that always “on call” for your sellers?

  • Are you confused about where to focus your time to produce the highest ROI while still providing quality service to your sellers?

  • Have you struggled with being perceived as the “bad guy” when you tell your clients what they need to do to sell their homes for top dollar?

In the
SMART MOVES Masterclass
your clients will DISCOVER there is a PROVEN METHOD for GAINING THE INSIDE EDGE.

In this online course your clients will learn:

  • How to SELL THEIR HOUSE faster and for more money

  • How to make their house APPEAL to their target buyer

  • How to STRATEGICALLY ENHANCE their Interior and Exterior in the most cost-effective way

  • How to effectively SELECT AND NEGOTIATE With Contractors

  • How to CONQUER THEIR FEAR of getting rid of personal belongings so that packing will be streamlined and unnecessary clutter minimized

  • How to AVOID aggravation when negotiating with their moving company

With The SMART MOVES Masterclass:

  • Get 40% commission on every new seller enrolled

  • Help your sellers help YOU by taking responsibility for the preparation and sale of their largest financial asset by creating The Perfect Listing ™ you will sell faster and for more money

  • Leverage your time and maximize your brand by utilizing a proven method that yields profitable results for YOU and your seller.

Meet Caroline Carter - your Home Transition Expert !

Hey, I’m Caroline. I created this affiliate program because I’ve worked with thousands of real estate professionals just like YOU since 2005. They tell me that my method has increased their listings and commissions exponentially. They all refer to me as their “Secret Weapon” and a critical member of their sales team. I want to give you the same opportunities I have given them-to be a solution provider and a “Hero” for YOUR sellers.

The key to the success of this partnership is based on your TRUST in me and this proven method that I know works for every seller regardless of house size, price point or location and I KNOW that it will work for you too!

Sellers NEED your expertise and guidance beyond the sale of their home. Get the credit of being referred to as the “go-to” expert for the entire home transition without doing any extra work.

Eliminate the difficult conversations and emotional roadblocks sellers face when preparing the house to sell and empower them maximize the sale of their largest asset.
Caroline Carter

Featured In:

The wall street journal
thrive global
the washington post
maryland public television


  • Can I preview the SMART MOVES Masterclass before recommending to my sellers?

    Yes! Once you apply to become an affiliate of The SMART MOVES Masterclass you'll get to preview the course for 3 days.

  • I am confident about my expertise and experience in real estate, but know nothing about the moving industry. What do I need to know to prepare my sellers?

    Nothing! The SMART MOVES Masterclass covers every aspect of the moving process from choosing a mover to reading the fine print on moving contracts.

  • How can I use this as a Listing sales tool?

    Easily. You mention to your sellers that in order to be sure that they are prepared for the entire transition process, if they list with you, the SMART MOVES Masterclass is your gift to them.

  • How much will this cost me?

    The SMART MOVES Masterclass retails for $997 but is offered to real estate professionals for a 40% discount - $597 - if you're purchasing it for your clients. Click here to purchase for your client(s).

  • What if I don’t want to pay for the course for my sellers myself, but just refer them. How does this work?

    You simply give your unique affiliate link to your clients and when they enroll YOU get a 40% commission - $400 - on every enrollment!

  • What do I have to do to become an Affiliate Partner?

    It's simple - just complete the form below and, once you're approved, you'll receive an email from us with all the details including how to get your unique Affiliate links.

Let me be your secret weapon!